Jackie on the Go


JACKIE MENDIVE : Founder / Chief Artisan

Jackie had a love for cooking, for communicating, and for helping others. Always on the go...

Majored in Journalism and Human Services, ​wife, friend, turned mother of five, turned entrepeneur.

Cooking at home with her mom from a young age in Argentina, ​experiencing recipes, and blending flavors, was part of her story.

​Away from home, ​Jackie had a need to render her culture for her kids and the empanadas were a great excuse and a part of weekend get-togethers. 

​Starting a business had to be something greater than itself, ​it had to help others. A percentage of proceeds are destined to assist CONIN Pilar (Cooperadora para la Nutricion Infantil) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

​And she keeps going...